Image of Me.

Jacob Cousineau

Computer Science Student @ Michigan State University

Projects & Experience

Bench Technician

I work as a bench technician during breaks from school at Computer Service and Enhancement, Inc. in Niagara, Wisconsin. Computer Service and Enhancment is a small, locally-owned computer repair shop. I work with customers to troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues on a variety of computer systems.

Professorial Assistantship

On campus, I am an assistant to Dr. Robert Pennock, a professor who, among many things, heads the Avida-ED project, a digital education software platform that uses artificial life to teach students about evolution. I have been a beta tester for Avida-ED and have also worked with the Scientific Virtues Project in a variety of roles.

Honors Times Two

I'm a mentor with Honors Times Two, a program at Michigan State University that pairs students at MSU with gifted elementary school students in the East Lansing area. This year I'm teaching basic programming skills by making games and other projects in Scratch. You can see some of our shared work here.

An Army's Footsteps

A digital history project focusing on GIS analysis of Roman marching camps and other temporary fortifications in Scotland, created by me as part of the HST 251: Doing Digital History course at Michigan State. The project compares the locations of these fortifications with the guidelines and descriptions of ancient sources.

About Me

I'm a sophomore computer science student at Michigan State University. I'm originally from Iron Mountain, Michigan -- a town that's the home of Tom Izzo and not much else. I'm a assistant to Dr. Robert Pennock here at MSU and I work at Computer Service and Enhancement when I'm home. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, reading, listening to music and podcasts of all kinds.