About Me

I am a motivated and dependable software engineer seeking opportunities to apply and grow my programming skills and to create meaningful, well-designed software. I have a passion for software engineering because it allows me to apply my talents to solve problems and make users’ lives easier with technology. If your company or organization shares those passions, I want to help. I have experience developing large web applications alongside a broad base of knowledge in multiple areas. See my résumé here!

Work Experience

Thomson Reuters | Ann Arbor, MI

Software Engineer | March 2020 - Present
Associate Software Engineer | May 2019 - March 2020
Software Engineering Intern (via TalentNet) | May 2018 - August 2018
  • Worked with a team to develop Onvio Fixed Assets, a web application for tax professionals
  • Developed across a tech stack including Angular front end, ASP.NET (C#) back end, PostgreSQL
  • Maintained a legacy desktop application (C++) and brought its features to Onvio Fixed Assets
  • Participated in Agile software development framework and processes
  • Mentored a summer intern and helped onboard new team members

Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI

Professorial Assistant | Aug. 2015 - April 2019
  • Research assistant for Dr. Robert Pennock
  • Developed prototypes for Salmon Run, an educational game focused on evolution
  • Created Selenium test suite in Python for a JavaScript web application

Computer Service and Enhancment, Inc. | Niagara, WI

Bench Technician | June 2014- Jan. 2018 (during school breaks)
  • Fixed technical issues with customer computers
  • Participated in annual technical setup for a local school district


BS, Computer Science | Michigan State University

Graduated May 2019
  • Concentration in Game Design and Development


  • Angular/Typescript Front End Development
  • C#/.NET Back End Development
  • PostgreSQL Databases & Scripting
  • C++ Desktop Application Development
  • Experience with Git, TFS, Microsoft IDEs
  • Familiar with Python, Java, Unity Game Engine

Augmented Reality Mechanic Training

Suite of augmented reality training applications for railroad mechanics, developed as part of a capstone project sponsored by Union Pacific.


Mobile atmospheric side-scroller. Use wind powers to collect leaves and save a forest!