Augmented Reality Mechanic Training

Augmented Reality Mechanic Training is a set of immersive virtual training experiences for mechanics. It is built with the Unity Game Engine and includes applications for Windows PCs, Android phones, and the Microsoft HoloLens, all of which are designed to help mechanics familiarize themselves with large, unwieldy, or expensive machinery. Augmented Reality Mechanic Training was developed as part of the MSU Computer Science Capstone Experience and in collaboration with the Union Pacific Corporation.

My Contributions

  • Responsible for the application flow and base structure of HoloLens application
  • Wrote code to manage scene and state transitions within the application
  • Created UI for interacting with 3D models in the HoloLens using Windows Mixed Reality Toolkit

More Info

The final project video and more info can be found at the MSU Capstone Experience website.


Developed by a student team in CSE 498: Collaborative Design at Michigan State University (Fall 2018).

  • Justin Barber
  • Jacob Cousineau
  • Colleen Little
  • Luke Sperling
  • Nick MacDonald