Sink Oar Swim

Sink Oar Swim is a action assassination game where you play as a cute but killer oarfish. Your goal is to eliminate a number of targets found throughout each level before the time runs out. Watch out for mines, and use the environment to your advantage as you flow through the water towards your targets!

My Contributions

  • Responsible for bulk of main character controller code
  • Wrote systems for player vision and enemy behaviors
  • Implemented scripting for menus and scenes


Sink Oar Swim is available for PC and Mac devices via GameJolt.


Developed by a student team in MI 455: Game Design & Development II at Michigan State University (Spring 2018).

  • Hayden Cederstrom
  • Jessica Clappison
  • Jacob Cousineau
  • Nathan Kellman
  • Colleen Little
  • Nathaniel Wadas